Stand & Deliver

Transcript from Stand and Deliver

High School Classroom, Los Angeles

This movie is based on the teaching career of Jaime Escalante, a Bolivian, led a group of students to become proficient in mathematics. In this clip he has just become a teacher in a Los Angeles, California high school. He thought he was going to teach computer science, but the school cannot afford computers so he is asked to teach mathematics.  In this scene, Escalante gives his class the rules for the course.

Jaime Escalante

We will begin each class with a quiz. There will be no free rides, no excuses. You already have two strikes against you. There are some people in this world…who assume that you know less than you do… because of your name and your complexion …but math is the great equalizer.

When you go for a job, the employer… will not want to hear your problems. Neither do I. You’ll work harder than you’ve ever worked before. And the only thing I ask from you is ganas…desire… A haircut. If you don’t have the ganas, I will give it to you because I am an expert.

Today is Monday, tomorrow is Wednesday… Friday is payday, the weekly test. There will be no diagonal vision. Keep your eyes on your own paper.

You have 10 minutes to finish. If you finish early, start the assignment on the board. No questions? Good.


Angel, v’monos!

New Student

I was told to come here.

Jaime Escalante

(to Angel, as he leaves)

Nice knowing you. Have a good day. Arrivederci!

(to new student)

You’re in luck. Take the seat. Relax, take Sominex. Don’t sleep in my class. I take that as an insult.


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