McFarland, USA

Transcript from McFarland, USA

Cross-country track meet, California

Based on actual events, this movie tells the story of the McFarland High School team consists of runners who work in the fields before and after school in addition to attending school and training for cross-country running events.  The runners didn’t have a team until Coach White moved to McFarland. He had been a football (American football) coach, but had become disgusted with the “spoiled brats” on his team who, he felt, didn’t have the heart to play.

The family, as we saw in Real Women Have Curves, is central to the lives of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.


All right, everybody, gather around. Come on.

I want you to look around. Best in the state, right? Every team that’s here deserves to be, including you.

But they haven’t got what you got. All right?

They don’t get up at dawn like you and go to work in the fields. Right?

They don’t go to school all day and then go back to those same fields. That’s what you do.

And then you come out with me and you run 8 miles, 10 miles, and you take on…You take on even more pain.

These kids don’t do what you do. They can’t even imagine it.

When I went out in the field that day with you Diaz kids, I’ll be honest with you, it was a…It was the worst day’s work I ever had to do in my life. And I said to myself, “Whatever kind of crappy job I end up in, “it’ll never be as tough as that.”

You kids do it every day.

And your parents hope they can do it every day, and they’ll do it for a lifetime if it means a better life for you.

You guys are super-human. What you endure just to be here, to get a shot at this, the kind of privilege that someone like me takes for granted?

There’s nothing you can’t do with that kind of strength, with that kind of heart. You kids have the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen.

Now go run your race. Thomas, you’re the captain.


Hey, Coach. You wanna call it?


Uno, dos, tres.




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