Perfect Sense

Transcript from Perfect Sense

An epidemic has spread throughout the globe, causing humankind to lose their sensory perceptions one by one. This scene is at the end of the movie when Michael and Susan, who have fallen in love, are about to lose their sight.


Once we thought of the ice age as something that crept up … glaciers slowly spreading … temperatures gradually dropping.

But recently a number of intact mammoths have been discovered with stomachs full of undigested grass.

The cold must have hit them like a blow from a club.

That’s how the darkness descends upon the world.

But first the shining moments.

A shared flinching of the brain’s temporal lobe.

A profound appreciation of what it means to be alive.

But most of all, a shared urge to reach out to one another.

To offer warmth…





It’s dark now… but they feel each other’s breath… and they know all they need to know. They kiss… and they feel each other’s tears on their cheeks.

And if there had been anybody left to see them, then they would look like normal lovers caressing each other’s faces…

…bodies close together… eyes closed…

…oblivious to the world around them.

Because that is how life goes on.

Like that.


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