Racking up points…

On the quizzes

 Two students had 28 total points (out of a max 29) and a percentage of 97%.
There were four perfect scores — all on quiz 3. Two were by 11th graders, one was by a 10th grader, and one was by a 9th grader.
No one had a perfect score on quiz 2, but 16 of you answered all but one question correctly.

For the entire course

It was possible to obtain a maximum of 59 points:

  • 15 points (maximum) if you gave a talk for the final exam (5 points each for clarity, confidence and content)
  • 5 points (maximum) if you turned in an essay for the final exam
  • 5 points (maximum) if, for the exam, you did the two quizzes, the self-assessment, and the “what I could do to improve my English” questionnaire
  • 29 points were the most you could obtain if you had a perfect score on each quiz
  • 5 points (maximum) for contributions to classroom discussions

Three students earned 40 or more points for the tasks and assignments:

  • Habencius Liza (49 points)
  • Peter Bianka (45 points)
  • Stanbury Esztellas (40 points)

Congratulations to each of you!



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