About the class

This website is for students participating in English Conversation Classes.

Each post contains either

  • a short film clip (usually 2-8 minutes in duration), questions about the film clip and a transcript of the dialog, or
  • information for improving your English conversation skills

When the assignment is a film clip

You should be prepared to discuss the clip during the next class.  It is not important that you understand the clip completely, but it is important for you to have watched it and to have reviewed the transcript and the questions that accompany the clip.

When the assignment is information for improving your skills

Watch the video and if it contains practice exercises, try to complete them. We might review the video during a class session.


A quiz might accompany a video.  The quiz might incorporate questions from the video, its accompanying material or from our class discussions.


Your marks for English Conversation will be based on:

  • Your active participation during class (60%, subjective)
  • Quiz grades (40%, objective)

This information will be provided to your English teacher.

Rotation of posts

At the end of each week that week’s posts will move to the Previous Posts page and will be replaced by five new videos.

Office hours

Click here to see my schedule.  I’m available to meet during any unscheduled hour of the school day.